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Innovative Hair Transplant Surgery in Hyderabad
Innovative Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair restoration has been gaining momentum in the medical field, with many technological advancements made in the last decade or so. The fact that people are unable to find a complete solution has been letting them make unwanted choices with treatments that may not be effective at all.

Technology today has taken turns on the progressive side of things, especially when it comes to helping hair experts treating patients for hair loss. One of our top methods is the innovative Hair Transplant therapy. Hair transplant is a technical procedure which is the best remedy available for people suffering hair fall with its consequences of baldness and its adverse effect on the personality and confidence level of the patient. Probably Hair Transplant Surgery is the only viable remedy when other remedies like diet, medication and massage and topical applications for hair growth are not successful.

The amount of experience along with the qualifications makes Dr Y V Rao one of the best hair transplant surgeons in Hyderabad. At Dr Y V Rao’s clinic, each patient is treated with precision and only after understanding the depth of their problems with their respective hair problems. Upon diagnosis of the exact cause of hair fall or baldness is when the clinic offers solutions that will suit the patient including hair transplant surgery, hair regrowth therapies or even follicular unit transplantation.

Hair Transplant Surgery is done with patient’s own hair being transplanted to the area of the scalp which has very little or no hair. Hair is extracted from the regions of the scalp which have more hair. The extraction is done very carefully so that the area from which hairs are removed is sufficiently covered by the neighbouring hair growth in the area. A successful hair transplant procedure will ensure natural hair growth and disappearance of baldness thoroughly.

There is a steady flow of hair transplant patients to his clinic, and there is a happy group of patients who have taken hair transplant treatment and forgotten their baldness with the resumption of their hair growth.

With our expertise in the field comes that aid from technology which is vital for correct procedures. Hair transplant surgery is performed by the state-of-the-art Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Extraction Techniques. The technique is the latest and tested procedure ensuring the natural growth of hair.

The procedure involves local anaesthesia and is not painful. In simple words, Follicular units (hair) are extracted from a donor area like the back of the scalp where hair growth is comparatively better, and are inserted in the recipient area such as front scalp where baldness usually occurs in most cases.

It is a very specialised procedure where follicular units are either extracted and inserted in single units or are microscopically dissected from single strip harvesting and then replanted in units to the recipient area. It takes two to three months for the natural hair to grow in the recipient area.
Some precautions and medicines will have to be taken during the period as advised by the doctor. You can fix your treatment time so that your work schedules are not disturbed. You can make an appointment with the doctor, discuss your case and hair condition, get your queries addressed and start your journey of transformation into a new life with abundant hair growth.

If hair problems are a bother to your appearance and confidence, feel free to connect with us, so the understanding of the real problem could be better, and thus it will help you get the best possible solution for your issues. Connect with us on the information available on the Contact page.