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Dr YV Rao - Plastic Surgeon

Dr Y V Rao

Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon

Dr Y V Rao Clinic Advanced Hair Transplant Center

Dr. Venkata Rao Yalamanchi, is a qualified & certified plastic & cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad. After his degree in plastic & cosmetic surgery he got trained, extensively in reconstructive, microsurgery..

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Explore our full range of treatments and services for hair loss, hair transplant, aesthetic dermatology and many more.

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Along with treatments, our comprehensive blogs will help understand the various hair conditions and appropriate treatments in a detail.

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What our patients say

See how our patients felt with our services and procedures.

Why Choose Us

  • Advanced technology
  • Affordable Costs
  • 25+ Years of Expertise
  • 2000+ Hair Transplants
  • Natural Looking Hair Line & Results
  • Timely appointments and results
  • Performed By Plastic Surgeon
  • All Types Of Cosmetic/Plastic Procedures
  • Sincerely & Frankly Explain All Aspects Of
    Cosmetic Procedures
  • Advanced Methods Reduces Downtime
  • Advanced FUT & FUE Methods
  • Best Cosmetic surgery treatment in India

What Our Doctors Say

Dr Y V Rao and his expertise have been essential for all the success achieved, and he is here to take you through some patients stories.

Why Our Customers are Happy

  • Very thankful to the Dr Y.V Rao and the other staff members .I can see the best result after the hair transplantation, most of the part was cover. I haven’t noticed any side effects. I hope the is the best Transplant center in India . Thanks 🙂

    Ashok Karuturi

  • I am extremely thankful to Dr yvrao as he is the best doctor. the results are excellent and i am very satisfied.
    Hospital staff are also highly efficient.

    RAJ SHEKHAR Naredla

  • It was very well experience thank you doctor for giving me good outlook. very patiently answered all my questions. all the staff are very friendly very help full…

    Aniksha Reddy

  • It was an amazing experience. I’m 21 and I had a lot of hair loss and the doctor YV Rao garu suggested me PRP. when I got it done the results were amazing. My hair fall was totally controlled to be frank not even a single hair has fallen from my scalp. Will definitely suggest people to consult Dr. Yv Rao Garu.

    Krishna V

  • Excellent doctor and very co-operative is very knowledgeable and very patient..will definitely recommend to anyone..5 stars!!

    vanya mitta

  • good clinic. nice service, the staff was very responsive. Good results.

    susmit nannapaneni

  • I went Dr yvrao clinic before I was suffering then I met Dr yvrao I take treatment PRP 3 sittings i t so work full me I was so happy and satisfy.

    phani kumar

  • Good hospital dr.y.v.rao gaaru has done the prp treatment and the staff was good but the treatment was slightly expensive ….

    Krishna Kanth

  • Best value for money and staff is also too good one of the best doctors in hyderabad.

    Maruthi Kumar

  • I had hair transplant and had fairly good results and would recommend the clinic. Had Liposuction as well with very good results.

    viswanadh raju vegesna

  • My son mirza did surgery here in yv rao hair transplant centre and is really effective and is highly appreciable.

    Sarvath Tanveer

  • Had a great expierence. Very much satisfied with the process. Friendly atmosphere and hygenic clinic. If any one have problems which can be treated here dont ever hesitate to visit. You will definitely come out with a good result..

    Rajiv chakravarthy

  • Very good experience. Happy with my results here post 6 months! Post 1 year I will review it again with my happy results! They extended their support on saturday as well! Thanks again Dr YV Rao and team.

    deepak kathula

  • Satisfied with the doctor & staff the way they treated me . Amazing results after the PRP treatment.

    latish golla

  • Consulted for hair transplant and gave me good inputs and took good care. I’d definitely recommend Dr. Y.V.Rao.

    Prasanna Hegde